10 Things That Make an Austin Summer Nanny Positions Fun

Nanny positions have many benefits. One of the best times of year to work as a nanny is in the summer season. There are many things that make working as a nanny in the summer more fun than working as a nanny in any other season. Ten of the reasons having a summer nanny position is more fun are listed below.

The weather.

Nice summer days make playing with children more fun. It is easier to play outside with kids or take them to the swimming pool than to watch them indoors.

Less stress.

For nannies in high school or college, during the summer there is no school which makes working feel less stressful. Nannies will be able to focus solely on the children and this will be more enjoyable for everyone.

More working hours.

During the summer time children are not in school, so nannies usually work longer hours. This allows nannies to make more money in the summer than any other time of year.


Usually families that hire a nanny and take a vacation will bring the nanny along. Getting to enjoy a free trip, and getting paid for watching the kids, is a great benefit of being a nanny in the summer time.

Fun activities.

Nannies who work during the school year will probably spend lots of time trying to get children to do their homework. The summer time means more freedom which makes for happier kids. Nannies can take kids to places, such as museums or water parks.

Outdoor fun.

Bike riding, building forts, or playing at a local playground are all easy to do in the summer time and make a nanny’s job much easier. Nannies will find themselves getting to relax more in the summer and not having to work as hard to entertain kids.


Kids will often go to a camp in the summer and this will allow a nanny to enjoy some time off. Having a week off is a great bonus of having a nanny position in the summer time.

Higher pay rate.

Often times because there is more competition for jobs in the summer, families will offer bonuses to nannies willing to stay on and keep working through the summer months.

More chances to socialize.

In the summer kids play with their friends more since there is to school. This is fun for the kids, but can also be fun for nannies who will enjoy getting to talk to other nannies.

Happier kids.

Kids are in a better mood in the summer and tend to be more agreeable. When kids are happier they are also tend to be more cooperative. Nannies will enjoy their job more when kids are in a good mood.

Nanny positions can be fun any time of year, but they are especially enjoyable in the summer. The nice weather, laid back schedules, and numerous options for entertainment make nanny positions in the summer excellent jobs.